If you've never heard of Hang Loose, you've certainly never surfed. The surfer's identity with Hang Loose goes far beyond the beach. The whole experience and history of Hang Loose translates into our slippers.



The Polo Apparel brings the atmosphere of one of the most classic and noble sports to its products. Always well coordinated for those who appreciate a shoe with quality and style in all occasions.






Created in 1998, GANGSTER is a fashion brand, which has its concepts well defined, with its history has been consolidated and expanded market to each collection. In its segment of operation is a reference, its basic premises are quality in its products, making the complete delivery to the consumer, creating more and more desire for consumption. In its category, GANGSTER is among the 5 brands most remembered by consumers.



Hawaiian Dreams, better known as HD, emerged in the early 1980s to showcase the spirit of the world's first radical sport, Surf, along with the dream of those who want to ride under the best wave on the planet in Hawaii. Today HD is not only a brand of slippers that rescues Hawaiian dreams, but the attitude in search of the best moments of life.

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